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Board News

News and information for Turnverein membership, from your board of directors.

Your Board of Directors

The Denver Turnverein's Board of Directors is an elected group of volunteers with legal and fiduciary responsibilities for overseeing the Turnverein's mission, goals, and business operations. The Board is elected each June by our membership.

Meet our current Denver Turnverein Board. Further committee chair information can be found below under committees. President - Bert Evans Vice President - David Tippett Treasurer - William Murakami Secretary - Tina Davis (not pictured) Membership Director - William Buck Members at Large: Steve Blakely (not pictured), Art Abington, Carla Murphy (not pictured), George Potts, Jeanette Hensley, Jennifer Corey, & Larry Long. For additional information on our committees and committee chairs please check our our committee section below.


The Denver Turnverein is not just a place, it's a community.

A heartfelt welcome from the Denver Turnverein Board. We understand that dancing is not just about the steps- it's about creating lasting memories. So, let the music guide you, the rhythm move you, and the joy of dance fill your heart.

Information Sources

For those interested in the behind-the-scenes efforts to keep the Denver Turnverein as the premier place for social dancing in Denver, we have provided some details below. Contact us with questions or concerns you would like the board to address and details on how you can observe our once-a-month board meeting below. 

Upcoming Agenda

Denver Turnverein Board Meeting Tuesday, Sept 19th, 6:30 PM In-Person, Downstairs, Board Room Agenda details posted one week before meeting. here.


A list of our committees. Join a committee, or volunteer to help out. - Building Commitee: Led by David Tippett -Grant & Fundraising Committee - Led by Jeanette Hensley -Marketing Committee: Led by Jennifer Corey - Decorations Committee: Led by Carla Murphy - Ballroom Dance Committee: Led by David Tippett. - Country Dance Committee: Led by Tarasa Harlow. - Dance Host Committee: Led by Larry Long.

Recent Board Update

Denver Turnverein Board Meeting Notes. Board Meeting August 24, 2023 Directors in Attendance: Albert Evans President Present David Tippett VP - Ballroom chair, Building Chair Present William Murakami Treasurer Present Tina Davis Secretary Present William Buck Membership Excused Art Abington Director at large Excused Carla Murphy Director at large – Decorating Chair Present George Potts Director at large Present Jeanette Hensley Director at large – Grant & Fund Raising Chair Excused – Present Jennifer Corey Director at large – Marketing Chair Present Larry Long Director at large – Dance Hosts Present Members Guests: Todd Tate A quorum was met. Meeting called to order July minutes approved by acclamation. Motions Passed - The board accepted the resignation of Anita Saha from the Board and elected Steve Blakely as director to fill the vacancy. - The board authorized Jennifer Corey to purchase up to $50 a month social media advertising. Passed unanimously. - Carla Murphy is recruiting volunteers to assist her with decorations - The board authorized Jeanette to apply for grants for Board development, landscaping, heat pump design and the promotion of dance as a healthy activity for seniors (without committing the organization to spend its share of any project for which a grant may be approved.) Passed unanimously. - the second phase of the window repairs that are being partially funded by History Colorado is beginning today (windows behind the bar and one on the north side of the building) - The board approved a new patron membership tier that in the future will be eligible for certain special events. Passed unanimously. - The board approved the application of reflective paint to the front stairs to increase visibility. Passed unanimously. - The Board approved new bar pricing effective October 1. Passed unanimously.

Upcoming Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets once a month. The 3rd Tuesday 6:30pm. Downstairs conference room. Please contact us before you attend a meeting so that we can give you details, and make sure if you want to address the board about a topic that it is included in the agenda.

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